May 31st, 2005

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2005/05/31 23:26:00 - Music Meme
</a></b></a>sion_a calls this the iMeme, but I don't own an iProduct, so I'm not going to....
Alphabetically first track:
by Oasis (the empty string), 1959 by The Sisters of Mercy, '39 by Queen or ABBAture: Waterloo, Dancing Queen, Fernando by the RPO depending on what sort of pedant you are.

Alphabetically last track:
ls(1) says Čokkha by Apocolyptica, but Rhythmbox appears to know how to sort Czech and instead claims Zwitter by Rammstein

Number of tracks under a minute long:

Number of perfect three minute pop songs:
6, although I'm not sure that Andrew Lloyd Webber counts

Number of tracks over eight minutes long:

The shortest track:
The Sound Is Like The Rushing Of The Wind from The Dream Of Gerontius at 17 seconds.

The longest track:
Bach's Goldberg Variations

Pick an animal and see how many track titles contain it:
2 Fish: Body Of The Fish by The Horatii and Au Fond Du Temple Saint (The Pearl Fishers) by Bizet.

Pick a colour and see how many track titles contain it:
4 blues

Next on Party Shuffle:
I'm not sure what a Party Shuffle is, but I've stopped Rhythmbox just before playing Nineties by Star Industry

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Music Meme - Squaring the circle...

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