May 28th, 2005

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2005/05/28 17:10:00 - Loud Music…
So, </a></b></a>emperor bought some new speakers of great goodness.

Now, you know me, what do I put on as soon as I'm the only person in the house for a reasonably long period of time to give them a run through their paces?

That's right, Céline Dion.

And, indeed, the sound quality is a lot better than I'm used too. Still have to be careful with the volume to avoid distortions on the loud-and-high bits though.

Verdi (Requiem) next, I think…
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Current Music: Céline Dion – My Heart Will Go On
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2005/06/01 13:20:47
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userinfo senji
2005/06/01 14:49:28
Why not?

I like Céline Dion, and the distorts on the loud-and-high bits are quite audible on bad speakers.
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