May 27th, 2005

userinfo senji
2005/05/27 22:45:00 - In the defense of constructive fragility
My phone has a bug.

Actually, it has two bugs, and one of them inadvertantly provides the solution to the other.

The irritating bug is that if you fill up its "hard disk" then it won't boot (sounds more like a computer than a phone, doesn't it?).

The prophylactic bug is that if you pull the battery out just after turning it on then there's an appreciable chance that it will corrupt its filesystem.

When it has a corrupt filesystem then it boots into a rescue mode that reformats the disk, at which point one can restore from backups.

Quite why it can't have some way of initiating this behaviour sanely, I don't know.

Make that three bugs.
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userinfo edith_the_hutt
2005/05/27 21:58:27
Dude! They bugged your phone!
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userinfo king_of_wrong
2005/05/28 08:30:19
Whisky tango foxtrot, query.

How on earth can someone build a phone so badly that it's incapable of booting when its storage is full?!

I mean, geez... Did nobody think to test for something so trivial? Or implement the equally trivial workaround (preallocating space for whatever the system needs)?

Perhaps even more worrying, flash memory only has a life on the order of one million writes, so using flash for random access (swap space?) will kill the phone rather sooner than a competent design would suggest.
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userinfo senji
2005/05/28 17:54:56
Apparently there is supposed to be space pre-allocated for this purpose, just insufficient (I guess they didn't allow for firmware updates or something?).

But, 'gah', yes.

Or, as </a></b></a>mjg59 would say: COCKS!
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