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Phantastic sleuths and New Conservatives

24. Hamilton, Peter F. Mindstar Rising
25. Hamilton, Peter F. A Quantum Murder
26. Hamilton, Peter F. The Nano Flower

What Hamilton was like before Nights Dawn….

England is recovering from both global warming and socialism. The New Conservatives are in power, the people are housed, and Philip Evans is legitimising his high-tech commercial operation Event Horizon. But Philip Evans has a problem, something or someone has been causing unacceptible losses in his orbital operations. Fearing that his organisation might be compromised he calls in outside help, and finds Greg Mandel, a veteran of the Jihad war and ex-Mindstar operative.

Greg Mandel has bio-enhanced psychic powers that enable him to read people's emotions, and occasionally gets flashes of intuition that noone can really explain. The three books centre around Mandel and Event Horizon, but along the way they provide images of both Hamilton's imagined post-Warming world and of the years of oppression under the People's Socialist Party.

I think A Quantum Murder is the best of the lot; it's better written than Mindstar Rising but doesn't attempt to be as grandiose as The Nano Flower.
Tags: books 2005, peter f. hamilton
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