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The 1632 effect.

20. Flint, Eric 1632
21. Flint, Eric (editor) Ring of Fire
22. Flint, Eric & Weber, David 1633
23. Flint, Eric (editor) Grantville Gazette

November 1999, Grantville, WV, US, a day like any other except for two things. Rita Stearns has just got married, and during the reception a cosmic accident transports the entire town back 368 years in time and halfway around the world to Thuringia in Germany in the middle of the Thirty Years War.

From this point onwards it's all plain and simple AH, with the Americans having a reasonably large amount of uptime knowledge and equipment, but a somewhat smaller amount of advanced industry and no way of maintaining a large amount of their equipment. They have some idea of the way history is supposed to go, but the Butterfly Effect strikes immediately and things start to shift…

The two novels look mainly at the big picture of politics, the short stories at people and minor events – such as how an American Roman Catholic Priest who believes in the 1992 catechism and Vatican II reacts to the Inquisition.

An interesting thing about the series is that the short stories are mainly written by third party authors, an approach I've not seen often elsewhere; with names from the famous (K.D. Wentworth) to the unheard of (Virginia De Marce … whose story in Grantville Gazette is probably my favourite).

This is, to my mind, an exemplar of the genre. 1634 the Galileo Affair is out in paperback in August, and I'll be buying it as soon as…
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