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Tube-trainy photos

Five more photos, from the Z1TC practice day.

The Olympic Tube Train [1] [2]
Ran into this whilst I was waiting for a H&C train to take me into Paddington during the pre-run recce. A couple of hours later I actually travelled on it, the seat cushions also have advertising for the Olympics on them!
Liberal Democrats, Winning Here
Possibly the most signs I've seen on any one building. Unfortunately they didn't by a few hundred votes.
Cannon Street
The only internal tube photo I took that was neither shaky nor boring; I quite like this one. Pity really that I've had the date stuck in the bottom corner. How should I best crop it do you think?
View from the Circle Line
Despite the fact that most of the tube by milage is probably over-ground, there's precious little of the Z1TC that is, and most of that is inside stations. This is about the only interesting sight on the trackside, captured while we were stopped between Barbican and Farringdon. Interesting is, of course, relative.

Edit: </a></b></a>antinomy has worked her magic on the Cannon Street photo and vanished the date!
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