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Five Questions Mememememe

Questions from </a></b></a>beckyc
If you really could vote for Cthulhu in the general and/or local elections, would you?
Probably not, on the grounds that I don't believe in eating the entire Universe. OTOH I was so pissed off by the other candidates in last year's European election that I ended up voting for Bell on the basis that he appeared to be honest at least; so I might end up voting for Cthulhu on that basis :).
What made you decide to do the Zone 1 challenge, and how much running are you planning on doing for it?
Umm, it's suitably silly? I've been vaguely thinking of doing the Whole Thing since I first encountered the idea, Zone 1 seems like a managable compromise between my eyes and my stomach. Beyond running inside stations (which I can't easily estimate – my proto-route has 13 changes in it, but at least one of those is just 'across the platform') I've got somewhere between 2 and 3 kilometers in the open-air, about a km of which I can get on a bus for if I'm lucky.
What do you think is the best non-alcoholic alternative to Pimm's and lemonade for drinking when on a punt trip?
I like O/J and lemonade or "proper cloudy lemonade" on punt trips.
What do you think about the latest series of Dr Who?
I haven't actually seen an episode yet, but I'm unconvinced by the casting decisions.
Which programming language do you dislike most, and why?
Java – write once, faff everywhere.

Questions from </a></b></a>antinomy
Is there anything you feel you miss out on by being teeotal?
Not really – the only times I really think about it are when I'm depressed about something, and that's probably not a good time to be starting drinking :)
Do you plan to stay in Cambridge long term, or is there somewhere else you'd like to live?
I'd like to stay in Cambridge. Failing that I've heard good things from ex-pats in New Zealand….
What *is* the Zone 1 challenge?
Visit every station in Zone 1 (64 of them) on the tube in the shortest time possible.
Is there a project you'd love to do if only you had the time / money?
There's nothing that really comes to mind, I guess it depends a bit on what the irritation of the day is…
What's the last thing you did that really really scared you?
Hmm, depends on your definition really. Various silly tricks on bicycles (generally avoiding accidents) have caused high-adrenaline "oh shit I'm going to die" moments. On that scale, though, the thing that stands out is electrocuting myself on a bared light-switch (accidently). Over in the more intellectual scale, probably the night I sat on wall between Trinity Hall and the Cam watching the river and calmly and collectedly convinced myself that I was incapable of suiciding.

Questions from </a></b></a>naath
What's your favourite book?
I've got to have a favourite now? Eek. I think the closest I can come to an answer is Tathea by Anne Perry.
And why?
These questions get harder! It's well written, the plot's not too derivative, and it makes you think.
What would be your luxury?
In the Desert-Island-Discs sense? I'm a mathematician and a writer; a limitless supply of pencil and paper will do me, wastepaper-bin optional.
What's the best restraunt in Cambridge?
Good question. I doubt I've been to it :). The Galleria, the Eraina, Teri Yaki and The Curry King are all good in different ways. I guess out of that list the Galleria is the best by the "traditional objective" metric.
What's your favourite fish?
I don't eat fish, so a pretty one!
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