May 6th, 2005

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2005/05/06 19:23:00 - Flyer Review: Tom Flanagan (Lib, Local)
Flyer: Front, Back

This has to be one of the worst produced flyers I've ever seen. OK, Flanagan is a county candidate in a ward he can't (and didn't) win, but still…. The registration is off (look at the orange section at the top of the flyer), it doesn't appear to have been proof-read, things flow out of some of the boxes and the laying out just generally sucks a bit.

On the question of the text itself, A local man who knows the area better than most., a better way of selling yourself would be just A local man who knows the area well. …a two horse race between Tom, your local Lib Dem candidate and the Conservative candidate is (a) missing a comma, (b) just sounds clumsy.

On the back, Lip Service doesn't deserve capitalisation, there is an excessive use of exclamation marks, and both the second and third columns start with a very small paragraph from the previous column, something that I'm sure could be fixed with a little jiggling. And then in the Polling Stations box in the bottom left 7.0am is just wrong, and On May 5th is surely part of the sentence so doesn't want a new capital letter.

Whatever you might say, to some extent at least presentation is important. One of the factors that the city's LibDem councillors put forward as influential in their taking over the City Council was that they regularly put out a Focus, and those Focuses were well produced and looked good. This one just looks sloppy, and that's not going to win votes I'm afraid.
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userinfo enismirdal
2005/05/06 19:20:34
*cringes* I'd be embarrassed if I was that MP. There are so many bits that are just...lazy. As if the person who typed/produced it was halfway illiterate and didn't care. Misalignments of text, uneven spacing and random capitalisations. Those kind of things get to me as they suggest the people making it really don't give a toss. Which, of course, is not the attitude you want to put across when you are trying to win votes.

Yep, that offends my pedantic sensibilities.
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userinfo ankaret
2005/05/07 08:43:42
Lip Service doesn't deserve capitalisation

Presumably he doesn't mean the clothing company? I bet that caused a fair number of goths in Cambridge a moment of cognitive dissonance.
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userinfo agenticarus
2005/05/07 09:41:50
GNARGH. I used to do layout and typing for the Inverness East Focus and it always looked better than that!
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Flyer Review: Tom Flanagan (Lib, Local) - Squaring the circle...

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