May 6th, 2005

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2005/05/06 19:14:00 - Flyer Review: John Mann (Lab, Bassetlaw)

This is the real comedy flyer of the lot – Sally got it through the post and passed it over to me. If you thought that UKIP were campaigning on a single issue then you'll have to see this one….

He kept his seat though, even scraped a few votes off the Tories. Just shows the difference between politics here and there, strange really.
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userinfo lockymclean
2005/05/06 22:03:15
Now you see that is the kind of election flyer which makes me want to bludgeon the miscreant to death and then hack his body pieces up into fusilli. Not only is it misrepresentative (interest rates were only 15% at the start of his term as Home Secretary, and it wasn't even his fault, and by 1997 they were back down to about 5%) but it is also beyond ridicule that it would ever happen again, and it suffers from massive pot-kettle-black syndrome: ooh, I wonder what employment, inflation and interest rates were like in 1979? Ooh, I wonder how Labour (mis)handled the economy under Michael Foot? Ooh, I wonder?

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Flyer Review: John Mann (Lab, Bassetlaw) - Squaring the circle...

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