May 3rd, 2005

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2005/05/03 23:36:00 - Flyer Review: Sandra Wilson (Lab)
Flyer: Front, Back

Right, next up is our local Labour Candidate. This flyer offers a typical, and rather blatant, New Labour Carrot and Stick approach. The front is pretty much all fluff. If I ever meet Sandra I will have to suggest to her that she sacks her official photographer, and also that you can't stretch out four points to make six just by wording them differently.

On the back we find both the carrot and the stick (and the bucket?). First of all she plays on the I've been trodden under angle then loses the entire Economic Right by saying that she's the only candidate who is an active trade unionist. The next two paragraphs try and scare minorities to vote for her by claiming that the Tories will leave them destitute and on the street, with implied promises that Labour will continue to do good things for the same minorities.

The penultimate paragraph proceeds to remind me of the LD's flyers, both making the same split the opposition argument that Dickson makes and conflating the Liberal Democrats with the Liberal Governments of the past (I wonder if the latter is the result of sloppy thinking on Wilson's part, or a deliberate tactic?). In the last paragraph I wonder slightly, we is evidently supposed to be the Cambridgeshire South voters, but as written it reads Labour need your help now! Labour need a radical third term! Labour need a Labour MP for South Cambridgeshire!, three sentiments I can quite agree with….
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