May 3rd, 2005

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2005/05/03 21:25:00 - Like ships in the night…
There are a number of pairs of words that both attract my immediate attention and do a kind of magic trick whereby it turns out that I'd been listening to the first half of the sentence despite the fact that I didn't know my attention was about to have been drawn. Pairs such as "Sinclair" and "Spectrum", "Trinity" and "Hall", and "Bootham" and "School".

This evening, in the Free Press, I discovered a new pair; "Seismic" and "Section", somewhat to my dismay. The odds of having a quiet dinner in the pub and then overhearing someone discussing the interpretation of seismic sections must be pretty slim really, but it did actually happen to me. I assume they must be associated either with BIRPS or the Schlumberger Research Lab. Once highlighted I kept picking up bits of their conversation, which was rather distracting.

As I left they were discussing a problematic GeoFrame file that was too large to fit on an Exabyte (and hence they couldn't conveniently back it up). My geek and professional natures had a little war about whether I should go and proffer professional advice, but in the end the fundamental impossibility of initiating conversation with three young women won out, and I left the pub with no more than an amused grin on my face.
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Like ships in the night… - Squaring the circle...

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