May 1st, 2005

userinfo senji
2005/05/01 17:07:00 - Stuff and other stuff.
Hmm, my week ahead is already looking rather horribly busy, so in an attempt to get it straight in my mind at least….

Probably punting with </a></b></a>claroscuro and Mark-WINOLJ, Tom-WINOLJ and probably other people who my half-awake brain can't localise right at the moment. Then pizza.
Boring day at work. Probably fighting a laptop for some of it. No current evening plans
Work trip down to Leatherhead (boo to the early-morning-game!). Probably meeting Mikie-WINOLJ at The Oakdale Arms in the evening.
Day off. Tube Challenge scouting and dry-run. Evening plans not finalised yet, may involve the Castle if I can get back to Cambridge in time.
Back at work. Seeing </a></b></a>angoel in the evening for </a></b></a>angoel-games.

Current Mood: [mood icon] organised
Entry Tags: angoel, claroscuro, life, mdb36, mr267, ttb22

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userinfo requiem_17_23
2005/05/01 22:34:02
I just lost the early morning game.
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Stuff and other stuff. - Squaring the circle...

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