April 19th, 2005

userinfo senji
2005/04/19 16:46:00 - Cartography
Looking at things in Google Maps aroused an irritation at the failure of my memory.

The Y-junction in this picture/map is actually quite complicated (some maps show it as a roundabout). However I can't remember the details of the complication, nor can I see from the photo. The junction is the junction of {Doncaster Road, Station Road, High Street} in Bawtry (where I grewed up for 7 years, so I should be able to remember it!).

I guess it's incredibly unlikely that anyone can shed more light on this itch?
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userinfo ilanin
2005/04/19 17:38:38
Of course not! If I zoom out as far as 1:250000, I can get that Y-junction and my "home" on that map, and that junction is on the direct home -> Cambridge route.

But it really is a fairly standard Y-junction really. Station road splits into two lanes, one to turn each way. High Street and Doncaster Road have a "middle" lane in which cars turning off onto Station Road can wait in.

The junction is pefectly impossible to turn out of Station Rd. onto Doncaster Rd. as a result of generically heavy traffic along High St/Doncaster Rd. It darned well should be a roundabout.

Anything else you wanted to know about it? The large building between Station and Doncaster Road is a methodist church, but you probably knew that.

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userinfo senji
2005/04/19 23:00:18
My memory (and the more cogent maps) have an extra lane from Doncaster Road into Station Road (running along-side the frontage of Bawtry Methodist).
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userinfo ilanin
2005/04/20 00:23:29
Um. No, not really. Doncaster Road is wide at that point, but I'm fairly certain there's no extra lane there. I could ask parents (who last drove across it on Sunday) to confirm this one, I suppose.
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