April 15th, 2005

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2005/04/15 19:47:00 - The Brick Testament
</a></b></a>ewx having reminded me of it last night, I wish to read through the Brick Testament. On the other hand, there are about 2000 pictures over about 200 stories.

So, following the theory that the webcomic "look at it n times a week" model works quite well, I've done some hacky automation and created an rss feed (syndicated on lj at bricktestament) which will give a link to a story on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday every week (well, it will do once I've set cron up to do so). Given that there are still new stories being produced I estimate that it'll take about a year to work through it all.

The stories are of quite different lengths, and the one that's in the feed already is probably the longest – The Garden of Eden.
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userinfo vyvyan
2005/04/15 20:07:55
Heh. We gave a book of those to my mother-in-law last Christmas - she seemed amused, and not offended, to our relief!
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userinfo aldabra
2005/04/15 21:05:57
Thank you.
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The Brick Testament - Squaring the circle...

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