April 12th, 2005

userinfo senji
2005/04/12 16:25:00 - Photogeny
I spotted this the other weekend and, having some time between work and geek-pizza, took some photos. It's the oldest No Public Right Of Way notice that I've seen (and it's rather battered, probably from the number of cycles that are parked on that corner).

As can be seen from the subsequent image, any brass strips that there may have been are now absent. IANAL, but I assume that means that the claim on the plaque is no longer active?

After I did this I still had some time to burn, so I took some photos of the Grand Arcade site, which is mainly made out of rubble at the moment.
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userinfo ewx
2005/04/12 15:56:24
I noticed that sign a while ago and wondered where the brass strips were too l-)
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2005/04/12 16:17:13
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userinfo senji
2005/04/12 22:25:36
About a handswidth away from the wall. Could be...
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userinfo requiem_17_23
2005/04/12 23:27:40
That would be even sillier than usual.
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userinfo crazyscot
2005/04/12 16:21:13
Caius has two older-looking signs along similar lines. One of them is in the wall at the back-entrance to St Michael's Court from the market square (just to the right of the Endsleigh shop), while the other is beside a gate(?) on Rose Crescent not-quite-opposite McDonalds.

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Photogeny - Squaring the circle...

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