April 8th, 2005

userinfo senji
2005/04/08 22:50:00 - Google Images Meme
Stolen from just about everyone. The plan seems to be that you google the answers to the questions and then pick images you like. Feel free to make guesses...
1. your age at next birthday:
Bontecou - on porch

2. your mother's middle name
rowing on the river Cherwell

3. favourite colour
Trapping of energy from absorbed light in a halide vacancy trap in an alkali-halide crystal

4. place you lost your virginity (or would like to)

5. a bad habit of yours
Kellog Brown and Root

6. your favourite fruit or vegetable (or closest approximation)

7. your favourite animal
Camino -- Anti Aliasing

8. the name of your kindergarten teacher (or equivilent)

9. the name of a pet

10.your favourite band
A person (from some polish blog!)
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userinfo ptc24
2005/04/08 22:49:10
The combination of losing one's virginity, and "Magic Angle Spinning" (A key concept in solid state NMR) is, err...
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userinfo claroscuro
2005/04/09 10:36:30
I'm glad there were a few I could guess the answer to from the images, as well as a few where the images mystified me given what I thought the answer was...

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Google Images Meme - Squaring the circle...

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