April 1st, 2005

userinfo senji
2005/04/01 20:01:00 - TESCO schools for vouchers
I have some TESCO computer vouchers, mostly obtained while doing communal shopping. I'm a little uncertain what to do with them given the range of options.


Give them to antinomy for the Cheltenham Ladies College
Give them to atreic to give to some worthy Cambridge school
Go "bah, too much choice" and send them off to my old school

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userinfo enismirdal
2005/04/01 20:28:05
Split them half and half between and ?
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userinfo ceb
2005/04/01 20:57:48
Cheltenham Ladies College probably has less trouble affording computers than some worthy (Cambridge or other) school. To add to the options: put them in the Carlton's collecting-box (same effect as giving them to atreic, only with less hassle for her, unless she's actively collecting them anyway).
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userinfo senji
2005/04/01 21:11:27
I'm not convinced by the entire scheme, because it appears to give more computers to better off schools.

On the other hand, I have this visceral feeling that I should do something with some obvious sort of connection to me with them.

This feels contradictory.
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userinfo atreic
2005/04/02 09:03:09
The box in the carlton goes (if I remember correctly) half to the Lady Adrian (which is whom I'm collecting for) and half to somewhere else. Given the Lady Adrian school are my favourite school and are currently coveniently located in Girton, I'm probably more often near the school than near the carlton...
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userinfo ewx
2005/04/01 22:41:33
(5) find out whether computers in schools actually do any good?
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userinfo ptc24
2005/04/01 23:27:53
ghoti has at least two schools to send vouchers to...
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userinfo antinomy
2005/04/02 15:53:55
p_a_r_a (and me, by proxy) are collecting for the big pot of vouchers that gets handed out to Cheltenham primary schools. Of course, we won't be in the slightest offended if you decide to give them to a cause closer to home!
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TESCO schools for vouchers - Squaring the circle...

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