June 18th, 2003

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2003/06/18 21:52:00 - Questions, again...
Questions from antinomy.

1. What's the stupidest thing you've ever said? Would you un-say it if you could?

I can't really think of any monumentally stupid things I've said. I'm sure I must have said some in the evening that's missing from my memory (during which I invented the term 'Frog' to mean the state in which you do things sober that others would only do drunk). I might argue that agreeing to be the Reeve this last year was quite stupid, given that I had previously said that I didn't want to be on any more committees, but since it seems to have worked out (thanks to my friends!) I'm not going to argue that too hard. I think the other major contender that I can think of at the moment has to be "She's a woman, she expects illogical things", which was naturally reported to the person in question. I didn't get into too much trouble for that though, and I was half-asleep when I said it... :) There are precious few things I'd un-say, and none of them were actually stupid - just misguided or poorly thought-out.

2. If you could trade faith for certainty, would you?

Suppose I had an envelope, and I knew that within the envelope was a piece of paper that contained all the truth about God. Would I open the envelope?

The scientist within me says yes, obviously. The theologian worries, and consults John 20:24-29. However, it isn't obvious to him that the passage applies - I'm not demanding proof, I just have it within my hands. Also, it seems clear to him that Thomas is still Saved, even though he had doubted.

So, as a conclusion, I would probably go with opening the envelope. I wouldn't be worried that my faith was wrong - that my understanding of things can and will change has been a core part of my own beliefs for some years now.

3. ABBA or The Monkees? Is there a record you couldn't live without?

The Monkees are cool, but they aren't ABBA. ABBA definitely.

I like to have a reasonable range of genre available. Queen, ABBA, Dion, Horati, Holst would probably be a reasonable minimal set; but not any particular record/CD that I couldn't survive without.

I spent a couple of years when I was a teenager listening to mainly Country - never again! ):

4. Tell me something about yourself that I couldn't possibly have guessed?

Something that you could possibly have guessed, that I realised while answering this question is that I don't believe I've spent more than 15 days away from a computer since I was about 6 years old.

About the only thing I can't stand to be called is "Johnny" - a friend of mine at school called me that, and after some years it grated far too much (not that I could get him to stop it...).

I once stood on the roof of Christ's' Typewriter.

5. Please recommend something new I should read :)

If you haven't read R A MacAvoy's "Damiano" trilogy, then do so. The CUSFS library has them - they're medieval semi-historical fantasy, and some of the better works I've seen in that genre.

Also, you can plausibly read the whole of the first book in a short space of time and decide if you want to read the other two or not then :).

If you have, then I'll come up with another recommendation.

As ever, if you want me to ask you some questions just comment...
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userinfo antinomy
2003/06/18 14:06:25
yes please :)
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2003/06/23 16:47:47
1. You appear to have a love-affair with Australia. Do you expect that you will emigrate there in the future?

2. Do you enter any of your photographs into photography competitions? If so how well have you done?

3. Given what you know now, would you have applied to a different College?

4. What do you think is the biggest weakness of Cambridge University as a teaching institution?

5. If you could be anyone else in the world for a week, who would you choose?
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userinfo emperor
2003/06/18 22:10:13 -

Goth! :p
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userinfo ceb
2003/06/19 05:47:36
Can I have some?
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userinfo senji
2003/06/23 16:55:05
1. Shinythings or a secure income?

2. Where do you see yourself in five years time?

3. Dragon, Bat or Winged Serpent?

4. If you were to change your Given Names, what would you change them to?

5. Why blue?

(sorry about a certain amount of randomness - antinomy had asked my better questions already)
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