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Questions, again...

Questions from antinomy.

1. What's the stupidest thing you've ever said? Would you un-say it if you could?

I can't really think of any monumentally stupid things I've said. I'm sure I must have said some in the evening that's missing from my memory (during which I invented the term 'Frog' to mean the state in which you do things sober that others would only do drunk). I might argue that agreeing to be the Reeve this last year was quite stupid, given that I had previously said that I didn't want to be on any more committees, but since it seems to have worked out (thanks to my friends!) I'm not going to argue that too hard. I think the other major contender that I can think of at the moment has to be "She's a woman, she expects illogical things", which was naturally reported to the person in question. I didn't get into too much trouble for that though, and I was half-asleep when I said it... :) There are precious few things I'd un-say, and none of them were actually stupid - just misguided or poorly thought-out.

2. If you could trade faith for certainty, would you?

Suppose I had an envelope, and I knew that within the envelope was a piece of paper that contained all the truth about God. Would I open the envelope?

The scientist within me says yes, obviously. The theologian worries, and consults John 20:24-29. However, it isn't obvious to him that the passage applies - I'm not demanding proof, I just have it within my hands. Also, it seems clear to him that Thomas is still Saved, even though he had doubted.

So, as a conclusion, I would probably go with opening the envelope. I wouldn't be worried that my faith was wrong - that my understanding of things can and will change has been a core part of my own beliefs for some years now.

3. ABBA or The Monkees? Is there a record you couldn't live without?

The Monkees are cool, but they aren't ABBA. ABBA definitely.

I like to have a reasonable range of genre available. Queen, ABBA, Dion, Horati, Holst would probably be a reasonable minimal set; but not any particular record/CD that I couldn't survive without.

I spent a couple of years when I was a teenager listening to mainly Country - never again! ):

4. Tell me something about yourself that I couldn't possibly have guessed?

Something that you could possibly have guessed, that I realised while answering this question is that I don't believe I've spent more than 15 days away from a computer since I was about 6 years old.

About the only thing I can't stand to be called is "Johnny" - a friend of mine at school called me that, and after some years it grated far too much (not that I could get him to stop it...).

I once stood on the roof of Christ's' Typewriter.

5. Please recommend something new I should read :)

If you haven't read R A MacAvoy's "Damiano" trilogy, then do so. The CUSFS library has them - they're medieval semi-historical fantasy, and some of the better works I've seen in that genre.

Also, you can plausibly read the whole of the first book in a short space of time and decide if you want to read the other two or not then :).

If you have, then I'll come up with another recommendation.

As ever, if you want me to ask you some questions just comment...
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