March 16th, 2005

userinfo senji
2005/03/16 18:40:00 - Mirror writing
Earlier today </a></b></a>atreic mentioned that she found mirror-writing (if wobbly) easier with her left-hand than normal-writing. I found this rather surprising and indeed my own experiment appears to suggest the opposite in my case.

And reversed to make it easier to read the mirror-writing…

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userinfo enismirdal
2005/03/16 18:59:12
I know a lot of left handed kids, as they are learning to write, do reverse more letters than right handed ones... I wonder if it's something like a natural bias in Latin letters, for being written with the right hand (the same way turning a normal corkscrew left handed or opening some jars left handed borders on impossible...)
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userinfo mtbc100
2005/03/16 21:59:20
I am left-handed and find that writing with my right hand naturally leads me to write in mirror-writing.
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userinfo atreic
2005/03/16 23:12:19
There's not much point commenting, but I find that if I write in mirror, it's all muscle memory and I don't need to think, but if I write forwards it's all brain memory and I need to think about what it should look like (more like doing a dot to dot)
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userinfo ex_lark_asc
2005/03/16 23:47:39
I find writing with my left hand very easy. But then I'm left-handed ;-)

I did have a phase where I found it very easy to mirror-write, but not so much any more.
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userinfo yrieithydd
2005/03/17 11:32:58
If I write with my left hand, I tend to want to write certain letters backwards. I think because then it's the equivalent movement (so away from body up back to body down and away in the case of an e). Not tried writing whilst looking in the mirror much though.
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Mirror writing - Squaring the circle...

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