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Licensing issues

Following </a></b></a>emperor's comment on my previous entry I have been considering the issue of licensing the entries within my livejournal for reproduction (and modification). Obviously in the cases where they include third-party copyright (such as most sheep) the issue is horribly complicated, but in the case where I'm the sole author of the content it seems relevant.

After a discussion on #chiark my position has shifted a bit (as illogicities were pointed out) and I'm rather unsure how to word this but this is the sort of thing I'm thinking of…

Permission is granted to copy, modify, merge, publish, distribute, sublicense, and/or sell entries from this journal, or portions thereof, provided that:
  • No profit is made as a result of this

  • Acknowledgement is made of my authorship and copyright of the work

  • Either copy of this permission notice, or a link to a copy of this permission notice, shall be included

An entry specifically does not include the userpic or moodicon associated with that entry.

This license represents a default, individual entries may specify other license terms, and requests to change the licensing for specific entries will be considered.

Any thoughts?
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