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[exalted] letters

As I said to Requiem at the end of the session, one of the first things that Vasily is likely to do when he gets to Lookshy is write a few letters. Here I give approximations....

Vasily's parents aren't named in his backstory, but still he would address a letter to them.

I feel that I must offer my apologies to you, both for the manner of my departure and for the fact that I do not feel any remorse for what I've become. I have sent apologies to my sister separately.

Since leaving home I have been through interesting times, and tried to act in the best interests of the Realm. Most recently I was involved in the large battle to the north, a personal result of which was an offer from the Seventh Legion to work with them.

They have a more flexible approach to persons like myself and I feel that it is compatible with my support of the Realm, given the budding climate of cooperation.

I continue to use the House name. If you feel that this is inappropriate I shall stop doing so. Should you require to contact me then the Realm Ambassador here knows who and where I am.

Live well,


He'll probably write one to his brother Lyosha as well, but that would be somewhere between that for his parents and the one for his sister…

Dearest Sofia,


I wish I had thought of something else at the time, but I didn't. I hope that you can forgive me, for what I did if not for what I am.

I've learnt a lot since we last talked, from esoteric details about the Raksha to smithery techniques. You've seen the destructive side of the changes that have come over me, I'd like to offer you the chance to see the creative side.

I think that in the new political climate it should in principle be possible for you to come and visit me here. Should you wish to then I can talk to the Realm Ambassador on your behalf. She is also the person to send letters via until things get a little more sorted out here – or Infallible Messenger always works.


Of the party, he fully expects to see Brant again (like a bad penny he might think, but not really mean it). To both Lucinda and Bitterness he'll send a note of the following form if he can find anyone to attempt delivery


I fear we may now strictly be on different sides again, however should circumstances conspire again that we have common cause then my door is open.

I know your master will be reading this, and they should take the offer seriously.


And, one final letter for completion, this one not from Vasje at all...

The Imperial Ambassador to the Shogunate
The Realm Embassy in Lookshy

Your Excellency,

Congratulations on your promotion.

I have become appraised of recent events and must beg your assistance in procuring the appropriate documents that I might journey to the city of Lookshy. The visit is personal in nature being as how my great-nephew, one Nellens Vasily, has recently obtained residence within the city.

The personal nature of my visit would not however prevent me from meeting you to offer my congratulations in person, should it be possible to fit me into your busy schedule.

I hope that you can expedite my request. I look forward to once again seeing Vasily, and hope that the circumstances will be less stressful this time.

Yours sincerely,

Nellens Anila Kira
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