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Another interview...

Questions from gioiaverdi.

1. You wake up one morning, and Cambridge has mysteriously melted away, leaving only your home. where do you go to live and work instead?

I'd probably want to go and live in York. Unfortunately the computing jobs wouldn't be in York, so that probably wouldn't work. Failing that Ely is a nice place, and (so long as the railway line in Cambridge hasn't melted away) not too bad a commute to London.

2. You can have an all expenses paid holiday anywhere in the world, but you can only visit one country. Where do you go, and what do you do there?

Difficult question. Australia/New Zealand is (and has been for some time) highest on my list of places to visit, but that's two countries. I think, bearing that in mind, that it would have to be the USA - where I can track down the largest number of friends in the time (and maybe ambush a few authors at signings).

3. What Marvel superhero or supervillain would you be?

I'm not up on the entirety of the Marvel world, and (for obvious reasons) X-Men is highest in my brain, but here goes. it's a choice between four candidates really. When I was (much) younger I'd definitely have picked The Incredible Hulk, who was big and strong and green (all good things :)). OTOH, being the Hulk gives you certain problems with your social life :). More recently, all the X-Men related personality quizzes I've done have made me out as Rogue, as suggestion I'm not entirely unhappy with, although again there are social life problems involved.

On the third and fourth hands, we have Magneto and Professor Xavier. Magneto is very good at the whole supervillain malarky, and that magnetism wibbly stuff he does is very cool (although his charisma and manipulative abilities are, if anything, stronger). Working through this process, though, I think Xavier is probably the one I would most like to be - I'd happily exchange the ability to walk for the optimism in the face of everything that he displays, and Cerebro has to be the coolest piece of computer equipment ever. Hmm, that's a sort of moral cowardice really there - wanting to know that things are going to turn out right, so long as we can stop those who want to openly pervert that intent, like Magneto.

4. What woman, living or dead, comes nearest to your comprehension of true aesthetic beauty? This is an intellectual question, and not about if you are attracted to them.

It doesn't work like that. And on so many levels too. I could include photos here of women I find beautiful for different reasons, and no combination of the aspects that I find beautiful would actually be beautiful if you put them together in one person. In fact, some would probably be actively contradictory.

On a different level, a single photo, or even a roll of film, can't capture all aspects of beauty. Some of it is in the gestures, mannerisms and stances of the people involved; some in the more subtle body-language.

Also, a lot of beauty, clichéd as it may be, is in the eye, and the mind, of the beholder. There are days when I walk through Cambridge and am surrounded by beautiful people, and days when only a small (and not always consistent) subset of those people seem beautiful to me.

And to finish off, I don't think I can disentangle attraction and my impression of beauty on anything more than a superficial level. What I see as beautiful shifts as the people I'm attracted to change, and the people I'm attracted to change as what I see as beautiful shifts. Both links are slight, but they make an noticeable difference.

5. Do you want to have children in future? If so, how many and what gender(s)?

I'm not sure. claroscuro has, in the past, claimed that I would make a good father, although I'm not convinced. Our genetic heritage isn't very good either - whilst we're both reasonably intelligent we also have an exciting list of genetic defects between us (including such wonders as colour-blindness, asthma and thyroid deficiency). I suspect that if we do ever decide to have children we might go the adoption route. As to gender, I don't think it really matters in any fundamental manner; the range of differences within either gender is greater than the average difference between two people of different ones.

That may not be considered an answer to the question, so feel free to ask again :).

6. Waffles or pancakes?

Pancakes. And lots of them.
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