March 4th, 2005

userinfo senji
2005/03/04 22:45:00 - List everything on your desk...

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userinfo ewx
2005/03/04 23:50:13

My cellphone; the power adapter for my iBook; two speakers; a PC keyboard; a PC (lyonesse), on top of which is monitor (see below), a camera, a jumpshot lead for connecting Lexar CF cards to a USB port, some PVA tape on a bit of card, a hairband (owner unknown) and an ubuntu live cd (untested); mouse mat, on which is a mouse; a colorful clay pot containing three pencils and fives pens; a monitor adapter for my iBook; an NIV bible, on top of which a USB hub; my iBook (kakajou); a pair of headphones, a mat for mug; a copy of Starcraft/Broodwar; my trackball. In addition there are numerous cables connected to or between the above devices. On top of the monitor are four ducks in different colors, a strange little old lady from a kinder egg with a hat and sack and a strange flying beast, also from a kinder egg, with a little man in a spacesuit riding it.

There are also shadows and dust.

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