March 4th, 2005

userinfo senji
2005/03/04 22:45:00 - List everything on your desk...
From </a></b></a>enismirdal.

I cheated with my work desk, and posted a link to this photo, but here's my home desk.

Working from the front-left-top back and rightwards....

  • A black pen (Genius kidz)

  • dorothée, a Vaio laptop (running linux, on which I'm recording this)

  • Five receipts: Maplins, Co-op, Borders (Fun & Learning), Sainsburies and Michael Matthew

  • CUSFS membership card (new style)

  • Two packets of paracetemol (30 caplets)

  • A Methsoc Address list (last years?)

  • A Business card for

  • In a plastic card protector, magic cards (foils): Helm of Kaldra, Trinket Mage, Pentad Prism, Tel-Jilad Justice, Forest

  • A red Quality Street wrapping

  • Two SIMMs suitable for use in a SPARCstation LX (faulty)

  • An Ocharina shaped like a turtle (slightly damaged)

  • A hairband (brown, slightly stretched)

  • A piece of sticky-backed transparent plastic attached to an RFID tag, appears to have been used as security on a CD

  • Two short ink cartridges (green and black)

  • A pencil (HB, with eraser, 21/12" long

  • A post-it note with log-in details for </a></b></a>claroscuro's mother's website

  • A torch-bulb for my bike lights (defunct)

  • An Interflora business card

  • The stub of a ticket to see Cellular at the Cambridge Cineworld

  • Four pieces of backing plastic from the tapes for my label printer

  • One 10p piece (dated 1992)

  • A screw (of the type used to attach HDDs to computer cases)

  • The plastic wrapping of a pad of Post-It notes

  • A cable connecting dorothée to the VDU switch box

  • Three bath ducks, two of which are named: Trystan and Lucy

  • WYSE-52 serial terminal (defunct), connected to the serial port of cleopatra (to the left of the desk)

  • A small soft-toy duck

  • A place card from the 1999 Veizla (inscribed with my name on the front and you have accounts owned by the people opposite you and two to your right [sic])

  • A dart from a generic Nerf pistol

  • A plastic stand, standing on top of and gaffa-taped to:

  • allison's monitor (17", Sun branded, displaying an X session running on ysolde)

  • birgitte, a Palm V in a third-party wallet (upgraded, defunct)

  • allison, a SPARCstation LX, previously property of CUED

  • Two HSBC chequebooks for the same account in my name, one in an old Midland Bank wallet (11 cheques between them)

  • A VDU switch box. The labels indicate that it switches between ysolde and xantha, but in fact (as noted above) dorothée is connected to the "B" setting

  • A parallel-port IDE enclosure containing a 20GB HDD

  • An egg-cup with my forename on it (inverted)

  • A yellow plastic Hairy Ball stress toy

  • A pink Tesco Valentines Cat (called Minnow)

  • A pair of Sound World 120W speakers, plugged into dorothée, around one of them is

  • A golden christmas-cracker hat

  • A Nerf microdart

  • A second dart from a generic Nerf pistol (one flight fallen off, and adjacent to it)

  • A blue plastic pencil sharpener with the arms of the City of Lincoln on (inverted)

  • A round transparent plastic Muji pencil pot containing:

  • A 12"/30cm blue plastic ruler with York Minster and two depictions thereof on (heavily worn)

  • The Maun Safety Rule – a 12" metal ruler with an 'M' shaped cross-section

  • Two blue pens (Genius kidz)

  • A pencil (HB, with eraser, 15/12" long

  • A set of Muji propellor pencil leads (0.5mm)

  • A blue generic games piece made of Fimo (menhir shaped)

  • A Muji tape measure

  • An audio connector converter

  • ysolde's monitor (17", Belinea branded, displaying this xemacs frame running on dorothée, connected to the VDU switch box)

  • A letter from my parents dated 31 July 2003, with two changes of address

  • A 6 inch - 4 Watt Minature Fluorescent Tube, for my torch (boxed)

  • A note with an Argos catalogue reference

  • Three cinema ticket stubs: One Lincoln Odeon for The Lord of T[he Rings: Return of the King], Two Cambridge Warner for Matrix Revolu[tions] and Master and Co[mmander]

  • A Loyalty card for The Hot Sausage Company (one impression)

  • Three screws (of the type used to attach HDDs to computer cases)

  • A bag of screws of the type used to attach my bike light fittings to my bike

  • Two dirty pieces of kitchen paper

  • ysolde, a Strong ARM RISC PC, currently running Debian ARM GNU/Linux

  • A set of headphones (transmitting Evanescence to my ears)

  • A post-it note relating to </a></b></a>claroscuro's birthday

  • A small Phillips screwdriver, appropriate for the screws in dorothée's case

  • A small plastic pocket for the CF card in my P800 phone

  • A book of 6 E stamps (1 missing)

  • A piece of obscuring paper from a PIN notification letter

  • The stub of a ticket to see The Magic Roundabo[ut] at the Cambridge Cineworld

  • A hairband (brown)

  • A silver gel ink pen

  • Four screws (of the type used to attach FDDs to computer cases)

  • A black fine point permanent marker

  • allison's keyboard (Sun Type-5, US)

  • A green ball (high coëfficient of elasticity)

  • Ball of rubber bands (ditto)

  • One 5p piece (dated 1998)

  • A hairbrush

  • A six sided die, marked with two sides an orange P, two sides a blue T, and two sides a dark green Z (written in the continental style)

  • The stub of a ticket to see National Trea[sure] at the Cambridge VUE.

  • A black sandwich-bag closing wire

  • A Royal Bank of Scotland ATM receipt (water damaged, illegible)

  • A piece of string, tied in a loop

  • A box of 16 Paracetamol caplets

  • A pad of light blue Post-It notes

  • The wiring diagramme for an electric light fitting

  • The Ticket To Ride Mystery Train expansion

  • A perished rubber band

  • A (pre-tied) black-tie in a plastic pocket

  • A black plastic film canister (cracked) containing three replacement bike light bulbs

  • A small rubber band (1" radius)

  • The stub of a ticket to see The Chronicle[s of Riddick] at the Cambridge VUE.

  • A 1/2" square cardboard counter for SFB, green on white depicting an LDR fighter (number 5)

  • One 1p piece (dated 1996)

  • Two rings (engagement and wedding)

  • A hairband, black and white longitudinal stripes, twisted twice around the space where my hair once was

  • ysolde's keyboard (Acorn 102-key, UK)

  • A Network Railcard leaflet (unused)

  • A small hairband (gold, shiny)

  • A second black and white hairband, otherwise identical to the one above.

  • A Christmas card from my Aunt, Uncle, and Cousin.

  • 6 CDs: Bananarama, Greatest Hits (CD missing); The Corrs, Borrowed Heaven; Ladytron, Light & Magic Ltd Edition; Céline Dion, All The Way... A Decade of Song, The Collector's Series Volume One, Unison

  • An envelope slightly smaller than A4 formfactor, with 0,50€ of Spanish stamps on

  • A Christmas card from John and Danielle Lyons

  • Character sheets for Valence, Viscountess of Machine Life and Kanpotar, Baronet of Childhood

  • zenobia's monitor (15", Apple branded, integral speakers)

  • Post (lots)

  • Four crisp packets (used): Walkers Prawn Cocktail, Original Twiglets, Salt and Vinegar Hula Hoops and Original Hula Hoops

  • A copy of Null Hypothesis: The Journal of Unlikely Science, with a questionaire and SAE

  • An empty plastic bag (of the type that might contain penny sweets)

  • An unused square of kitchen towel, folded into quarters

  • An Evanescence CD case (Fallen, </a></b></a>emperor's, CD in ysolde's drive)

  • Two boxes of 14 Paracetamol caplets

  • The missing Bananarama CD

  • A Cambridge A-Z

  • A Methodist Church membership card (2004/05)

  • A Magic: The Gathering rulebook (apparently printed in 1995)

  • The cradle for birgitte

  • An Abit branded Northbridge fan (defunct)

  • A low quality plastic D6

  • A D6 made from blue-tac painted red

  • zenobia, an Apple Performa 6200 (working as well as she ever did)

  • A Stagecoach Cambus season ticket (all variable text missing)

  • A shopping list (all crossed out)

  • An empty box of Paracetemol capsules

  • A Royal Bank of Scotland "Direct Banking Phone Guide"

  • A pad of yellow Post-It notes, on which is inscribed what appears to be a password

  • Character sheet for Ipsum, Domina of Lorum (test for the Nobilis Latex template used for previous character sheets)

  • Printout of video timings for my favourite text mode

  • Various minor receipts

  • A note with an 01636 telephone number

  • Two used Green Triangle wrappers

  • 6 CDs: The RPO plays ABBA; The RPO plays Queen (case missing); Queen, Greatest Hits II; Naxos Bartók/Mussorgsky; The James Bond Themes; The Essential Simon & Garfunkel

  • A white and brown longitudinally striped hairband

  • xantha's keyboard (HHKB2 USB US, currently plugged into dorothée)

  • zenobia's keyboard (Apple ADB UK)

  • A £5 note ("to spend on something enjoyable")

  • A Kensington 2-buttoned ADB TurboMouse Trackball

  • Slightly less than a pint of Coca-Cola in a 28th Cambridge Beer Festival 2001 pint glass

  • Three mice (Sun (allison), Microsoft (dorothée), Acorn (ysolde))

  • A Sun optical mousemat

  • An AppleCentre Cambridge mousemat

  • A postcard from </a></b></a>of_evangeline

These items were thrown away as soon as they were recorded here.
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userinfo ewx
2005/03/04 23:50:13

My cellphone; the power adapter for my iBook; two speakers; a PC keyboard; a PC (lyonesse), on top of which is monitor (see below), a camera, a jumpshot lead for connecting Lexar CF cards to a USB port, some PVA tape on a bit of card, a hairband (owner unknown) and an ubuntu live cd (untested); mouse mat, on which is a mouse; a colorful clay pot containing three pencils and fives pens; a monitor adapter for my iBook; an NIV bible, on top of which a USB hub; my iBook (kakajou); a pair of headphones, a mat for mug; a copy of Starcraft/Broodwar; my trackball. In addition there are numerous cables connected to or between the above devices. On top of the monitor are four ducks in different colors, a strange little old lady from a kinder egg with a hat and sack and a strange flying beast, also from a kinder egg, with a little man in a spacesuit riding it.

There are also shadows and dust.

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userinfo alfvaen
2005/03/05 04:21:57
This may seem picky, but...why is the accent in "dorotheé" on the second "e", instead of the first one?
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userinfo senji
2005/03/05 12:42:46
'cos I made a mistake once and then cut&pasted it. fixed :-)
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userinfo of_evangeline
2005/03/07 04:31:26
I thought you meant you threw the postcard away and it made me sad.

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userinfo senji
2005/03/07 10:21:47
No :-)

It's still sitting on my desk. (I might get around to putting it on my noticeboard eventually, but that's behind the desk and rather hard to get to 'cos of all the stuff!
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