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The Spanish Inquisition
You are the Spanish Inquisition sketch! Nobody
expects you!

Which Monty Python's Flying Circus Sketch are You?
brought to you by Quizilla
(Yay! Fear! Fear and Surprise!)

Hare Daemon
Your HARE DAEMON represents your passive,
kindhearted, and honorable nature. Though you
are occasionally shy with new people, friends
admire your unshakable tranquility, even in the
face of chaos.

What Animal Would Your Daemon Settle As?
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Hufflepuff! Happy, friendly, and generally
invigorated about life. You like things clean,
simple, and lacking in the angst department.
Often seen as a little childish, you'd rather
kick back with your friends than worry about
something serious. You're a little sensitive
and pretty slow to anger. Hufflepuffs are
always prone to looking on the bright side of

A More Unique Hogwarts Sorting Quiz
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(like that surprised me!)

black cat
You are a black cat, stubborn yet friendly, you
stick to your values and preferences, and no
one can convince you otherwise! You are the
legendary cat of mystery.

What color of cat are you?
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My Monster Name

Oni are the typical monster villains of traditional Japanese myth. The creatures come in all shapes and sizes: usually giant-sized and with too many horns. The role of the Oni is to rampage and pillage until a hero arrives to slay it or trick it into leaving. Onis come in all shapes and sizes in roleplaying games too and range through from small goblins to powerful demons.

The Levenshtein distance between Senji and Oni is 2.
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New friends since last week: chess, secondage
New readers since last week: chess, slytherincesss (*waves*!)

LJ-related things to do next week: Finish answering gioiaverdi's questions. Ask emperor some.

Currently reading: Robin Hobb's Assassin's Quest and Vernor Vinge's A Fire Upon the Deep (slow reading week)
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