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(from </a></b></a>katherine_b)

Go to your info page and find the seventh name listed on your friends list. Go to their info page. Find the seventh name on their friends list. Repeat until you are seven LJs from your own. (If you come across someone who doesn't have seven friends or the seventh friend is a journal you have already visited on this trip, randomly pick another name and continue).

</a></b></a>aldabra -> arnhem -> dcalien -> owdbetts -> chrislightfoot -> </a></b></a>grimgrim -> boyofbadgers

Now, use the info page and recent entries of that 7th LJ to answer the following questions:

1) What is the title of this journal (NOT the user name)? In the end it's not the future but the past that will get us

2) How many communities does this person belong to? 3

3) List any interests you share in common with this user. etymology, maths, reading, ursula k. leguin

4) List any friends you have in common with this user. </a></b></a>beckyc, </a></b></a>grimgrim, </a></b></a>j4, </a></b></a>kaet, </a></b></a>lnr

5) Where does this user live? London, United Kingdom

6) What is the seventh sentence in this user's most recent journal entry? His Kin label was responsible for putting out one of my favourite albums of last year, a record that would have never happened if not for him.

7) What is the first sentence in this user's seventh most recent journal entry? So, I'm reading this piece on the Football League's new batshit idea to rename the current first division 'The Championship'1, trying to work out how on earth it made it out of the boardroom.
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