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Mmm pancakes.

Making pancakes is easy. My recipe only has three numbers in it, and they can be ordered in two different ways too!
  • 4 eggs
  • 2 pints milk
  • 1 lb plain white flour

Mix them all up until it's homogeneous. This is the bit where some experience is helpful – you may have to add more liquid or flour if the consistency is wrong, but in practice so long as it is about right then you can modify it in light of the first pancake.

Now, put some oil in the frying pan. You want enough oil to cover the base, but not so much that you drown the pancake. I usually find I get better results if the oil is hot before I start, but you don't want it so hot that it is steaming – err on the cold side; the oil will reach about the right temperature during use anyway.

Pour batter into the centre of the pan in a smooth motion. Don't stop pouring until you have enough otherwise some of the batter will solidify in the centre and you'll get an uneven pancake. Wobble the pan a bit to fill in any remaining gaps and try to get all the liquid batter around the edges.

Allow the batter to set a bit.

Waggle the frying pan to unstick any pancake that is stuck to the bottom. If you're unlucky you may have to apply a spatula at this point.

Wait until you think the underside is likely to be cooked (judgment call).

Toss the pancake. This requires a practiced motion – I use a sharp forwards and upwards jerk accompanied by a backwards jerk then a catch.

Cook the other side. Meanwhile evaluate the side you've just cooked – if it isn't done yet then you may have to toss the pancake again. I'd usually recommend tossing it again anyway so you can check the new underside for being cooked too.

Don't attempt more complicated tossing manoeuvres (I like to give pancakes a 360° toss when I'm checking the underside for instance) or more complicatedly shaped pancakes until you are adept at the standard tossing manoeuvre.


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