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15minuteficlets – Do what?

From this week's 15minuteficlets challenge; a scene from the Exalted setting.

"You want me to do what?"

"I gather they call it 'Power Questing', but this time it's a real quest too; we need that Mantle back in Creation."

Nelor hadn't ever seen the agent of destiny looking so worried, which hardly eased his fears.

"So, you want me to drop everything I'm doing here, expose myself to both the Wyld Hunt and the Fae, travel out of Creation, through the most psychedelic environment known to man and into the Deep Wyld.

"When I get there I'll undoubtedly have to fight a powerful Fae on their own territory in order to get hold of this Mantle that you want, then I'll have to do it all again in reverse. And worst of all, you won't even tell me what the Mantle does!"

"Pretty much, yes." The Serenity wiped the sweat off her brow, "and I promise that if you bring it back then I won't have any more jobs for you."


She realised her mistake too late, as the power of the Unconquered Sun himself flowed around her and put trip-wires on her fate-lines. "That'll cause problems later," she thought, "but it'll be worth it."

Nelor was surprised to see her relax as he sanctified their deal. The reason why came to him with a shock.

"It's the Mantle of Brigid that you've lost isn't it?"

The Serenity nodded as if unwilling to admit that he'd seen what she'd been concealing. "It is. You'd've probably guessed once you'd found it anyway."

"What's to stop me from just walking off with it?"

"You wouldn't do that, I know you." She didn't mention the fact that the Bronzes would have a 'collection' team on site within hours if she didn't get it off him when he returned to Creation. He didn't need to know about the politics.

"I guess not.... And I guess that I'll do it, if only to get you off my back."

He turned to pack his few important possessions, then reached up to pull his daiklave from its hiding place in the rafters.

"You will make sure that the village is OK while I'm gone, won't you?"

"As much as I can, I will."

"Good. Where was this Wyld Zone again?"
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