February 6th, 2005

userinfo senji
2005/02/06 23:48:00 - Cue "far too geeky" calls at this GIP....
This icon is the counter for the LDR BC Democracy in SFB.

Well, actually it isn't. The real counter doesn't have the ship name on it, and I've gone for the old split background rather than the boring modern white. But still...

More geekily someone could point out that I've made a mistake in the design. Feel free...
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userinfo ptc24
2005/02/07 13:10:51
Is that "Democratic Republic" as in actually a democracy, or "Democratic Republic" as in "brutal dictatorship, possibly with token 'elections' where the incumbent gets 99%"?
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userinfo senji
2005/02/07 13:15:19
Based on my meagre knowledge of history it looks suspiciously like post-Revolution France, so "yes".

More seriously, it is at least portrayed as having some of the "actually a democracy" nature.
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userinfo phoenixandy
2005/02/23 09:20:45
If I had my counters to hand, I'd check it out, but for some strange reason I don't tend to get my SFB stuff out at work. :-p
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Cue "far too geeky" calls at this GIP.... - Squaring the circle...

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