June 13th, 2003

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2003/06/13 01:22:00 - Life, Eptitude and Random wibble about X-Men.

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userinfo fluffymormegil
2003/06/13 02:12:44

Of course Xavier is a ridiculous optimist. Prof X and Magneto are to a certain extent allegorical (DIM allegorical? I'm not sure) figures - they are intended in their character concepts to approximately be to mutants as Martin Luther King and Malcolm X were to black people.

Wolverine's powers are scary, yes. Especially when he isn't subject to chronic adamantium poisoning. Yes, he'd heal *even faster* if it weren't for the adamantium in his bones. Sabertooth's powers are similar, and there's at least one instance in the comics where Sabertooth survives having his brain impaled on Wolverine's claws.

I think the single scariest mutant character I've come across is Apocalypse, though. Logan's age is an interesting question; Apocalypse's age is staggering (I *think* he's originally from Pharaonic Egypt, BICBW).

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userinfo senji
2003/06/15 17:47:41

An early mutant then? :)
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