June 13th, 2003

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2003/06/13 01:22:00 - Life, Eptitude and Random wibble about X-Men.
Hmm, since Sunday...

Pizza on Monday, then emperor, atreic, cjwatson, simont, quartz, and I went punting for 45 minutes or so, then we went back to House! where we found beckyc, kaet and sphyg finishing off The Others, and later watched X-Men (I) after timeplease had arrived. I also finished off my first two questions from mhw.

Tuesday. Finished off the questions from mhw and posted them. Went to Games Evening, and had fun playing Lord of the Fries and watching people playing Spacefarers of Catan.

Wednesday. Wednesday small group, and drinks in Churchill bar with Mikie, Janet and Dave (that is the Dave known to readers of angelofthenorth as JDA), although I didn't actually drink with Dave, 'cos I went home and got some sleep instead.

Thursday. Learned that Owen had become redundant :(, and that angelofthenorth and Dave had both got better Tripos results than they expected :), and was ept and mailed the cts about punting and bought mead for the Veizla. Went to the Castle, and then Relativity, and discussed everything from bugs in Mozilla on MacOS X to the physiology of colour vision via psychology. The last frame of today's Phoenix Feathers is very good, IMHO.

Things to do tomorrow: Finish writing riddles/clues for Veizla. Go to MethSoc Garden Party. Leave stuff in Selwyn. Answer gioiaverdi's questions. Do Friday Quiz Round-up. Test lj-prodding software (will happen out of cron)

Having seen X-Men again with gioiaverdi's questions in mind I note a few things:
  • The bad guys have more easily applicable powers, but arguably less powerful ones. Except Magneto of course :)

  • Storm makes a very good Anthropomorphication of Vengence

  • Wolverine has one of the most powerful mutations, if he'd just realise it

  • Xavier is a ridiculous optimist.

  • The Polgara-lock really makes Rogue's face - she's a lot less 'cute' without it.

[Edit: corrected list of punters, thanks to emperor]
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userinfo atreic
2003/06/12 17:42:49
Nah, Magneto's powers are far naffer than the guy in the wheelchairs powers. Give me reading peoples minds and controlling them over bending spoons any day...
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userinfo senji
2003/06/12 17:46:39
Xavier's superiority over Magneto lies in the brains department, I think, actually.

See the forthcoming "questions from gioiaverdi, question number 3 for a more detailed discussion though :).
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userinfo emperor
2003/06/12 18:00:44
The other punter was simont not crazyscot
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userinfo fluffymormegil
2003/06/13 02:12:44

Of course Xavier is a ridiculous optimist. Prof X and Magneto are to a certain extent allegorical (DIM allegorical? I'm not sure) figures - they are intended in their character concepts to approximately be to mutants as Martin Luther King and Malcolm X were to black people.

Wolverine's powers are scary, yes. Especially when he isn't subject to chronic adamantium poisoning. Yes, he'd heal *even faster* if it weren't for the adamantium in his bones. Sabertooth's powers are similar, and there's at least one instance in the comics where Sabertooth survives having his brain impaled on Wolverine's claws.

I think the single scariest mutant character I've come across is Apocalypse, though. Logan's age is an interesting question; Apocalypse's age is staggering (I *think* he's originally from Pharaonic Egypt, BICBW).

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userinfo senji
2003/06/15 17:47:41

An early mutant then? :)
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