February 4th, 2005

userinfo senji
2005/02/04 13:00:00 - Webiots
I just got a text claiming to be from O2 (my service provider).
Hi, O2 here. Enjoy FREE text &
picture messages 7-8pm every 
day for 6 months. To join text
"Happy Hour" to ***** (free txt).
Terms apply see O2.co.uk
So, thinking that
(a) this might be good,
(b) it might be a scam and O2 might want to know about it,
I throw up O2.co.uk in my web browser and get this page – http://www.o2.co.uk/browserupgradeNetscape.html – telling me that my browser is out of date (and misidentifying it in the process).

Let Me At The Content Dammit.

Oh, fuckit, can't be arsed with them.
Current Mood: [mood icon] annoyed
Entry Tags: phone, rant

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userinfo requiem_17_23
2005/02/04 13:16:40
I see no mention of the offer on their website, by the way.
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userinfo antinomy
2005/02/04 13:18:04
http://www.o2.co.uk/happyhour would appear to suggest that it's not a hoax. FWIW :)
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userinfo requiem_17_23
2005/02/04 13:45:46
Ah. Right. You'd have thought they'd have made more of it, seeing as I browsed the site and completely missed that.
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userinfo senji
2005/02/04 13:46:51
That also redirects me...
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userinfo mobbsy
2005/02/04 13:48:17
Which browser are you using? WFM with Firefox 1.0
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userinfo senji
2005/02/04 13:52:05
1.0PR (so an awkward person could say that it is in fact out of date, but that doesn't excuse anything).
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userinfo mobbsy
2005/02/04 14:26:12
Are you annoyed by the idea of browser version checking, or that they've got it wrong in this case?

I think the general principle is sound; rather annoy a very few people with esoteric settings than have to deal with complaints from people using Netscape 4 that the site layout is unreadable because of broken CSS handling.

'course they could just present everything in plain HTML, but that would look worse than all their competitors and lose even more custom than the above strategies.
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userinfo senji
2005/02/04 14:30:07
I'm annoyed with the implementation.

If it said "your browser may not be able to view the full content of the site" and then offer a choice between an upgrade path and viewing the site anyway then I'd be a lot less annoyed. Its the fact that they're not allowing any access to the content that's really irritating.
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userinfo mtbc100
2005/02/04 17:41:13
It would be nice if they let you have a go anyway in case they got it wrong. One of my credit cards' online banking is like this – they tell me I can't use it, then let me do so anyway.
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userinfo antinomy
2005/02/04 13:52:19 - The text reads...
O2 Happy Hour

Happy Hour promotion is only available to existing O2 customers who receive a Happy Hour text from O2 between 17th January 2005 and 6th February 2005.

The promotion is not available to O2 business/corporate customers, customers connected on O2 shared bundle tariffs or O2 Online customers.

Happy Hour is subject to a fair usage limit of 2,000 free messages per month. Eligible customers will receive a free monthly allowance of 2,000 messages to send in the UK to UK Mobiles during the hours of 7-8pm ('Happy Hour') every day for the first six months from date of activation. Messages can be used to send texts (1 UK text = 1 message), MMS (1 UK MMS = 4 messages) and Video messages (1 UK Video Message = 4 messages). MMS and video messages require a compatible handset.

Unused messages with the Happy Hour allowance cannot be carried forward from one month to the next.

Any messages sent in excess of the fair usage limit of 2,000 messages will be charged at the standard tariff rates.

Six months after date of Happy Hour activation, the promotion will end and customers will revert to the standard tariff rates for messages sent 7-8pm each day.

O2 reserves the right to remove or vary any elements of the Happy Hour promotion at any time.

The promotion excludes roaming texts and texts sent to International and premium numbers.

Where customers have a message Bolt On and inclusive tariff texts, messages sent will be decremented in the following order during Happy Hour: available Happy Hour promotional messages, Message Bolt On allowances and texts included in the tariff.

Customers who disconnect and reconnect between 17th January 2005 and 6th February 2005 (for what ever reason) are not eligible for this offer.

The promotion is governed by English Law.

The Promoter: O2 (UK) Limited, 260 Bath Road, Slough, SL1 4DX
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