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2008/03/12 17:33:00 - T-shirts
I am strongly considering buying some T-shirts from the Unshelved Comic's range, whose "buy two get one Read Irresponsibly T-shirt" offer ends when either the shirts run out or the end of the month (whichever is sooner). Shipping on overseas orders (i.e. the UK) appears to be $2.98 plus $3 per item (including free T-shirts) so there's not much advantage there in making a communal order, but a communal order would only have one lot of delivery-faff and potential-customs-faff, so is anyone whom I see fairly predictably or who is in Cambridge and can come collect/be easily delivered to interested in adding to an order?
Current Mood: [mood icon] happy
Entry Tags: customs, faff, online, postage, shopping, t-shirts, us

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