February 6th, 2007


AVN 'flu

It is a commonly known fact in the business world that winter is a time of reduced productivity due to the so called "manflu" epidemic that usually strikes, leaving entire offices dependent on the (often superlative) efforts of competent female staff.

However this year a more dangerous epidemic has landed on Britain's shores. Arriving by avian carrier this disease, known to the medical profession as AVN 'flu, is being described in the boardroom as P45N1.

P45N1 is feared to spread through airborne transmission and via physical vectors such as rest-room taps and basins. Other suspected means of infection include shared keyboards and cigarettes. Fortunately exposure to "manflu" can provide a vaccinatory effect and scientists are working on isolating a vaccine from this source. The already observed gender bias in cases of "manflu" is however expected to cause a significant complementary bias in cases of P45N1 which leads to the street name for the disease: bird flu.

On the wings of a dove.
lit: livid pigeon
Details of employee leaving work due to death or other severe impairment.