July 25th, 2006



Now, I know my experience of #debian can barely be called "helpful" or "successful". Indeed I might well have described many of the frequent denizens as one of the most unhelpful community support channels that I've ever had the misfortune to frequent.

But that was all before I went on #centos with a simple question, viz where I might find a more recent udev than the one in Centos 4.3 so that I could run a more recent kernel. I wasn't expecting more than about "well, it isn't supported, but you could try <url>" or, if really lucky, someone who had already done this telling me what they'd done. But no, instead I get the third degree about how you were only supposed to use the Centos blessed software with their beloved distribution, and that I couldn't possibly have any genuine need to use a more recent kernel (particularly that there wasn't any unsupported hardware in 2.6.9 that anyone might possibly want to use, and besides which Centos is a server distribution (why does it have two complete desktop environments then???)), and accused of being a Gentoo Ricer and a Troll.


Since large chunks of my current bicycle are going to need replacing in the not too-distant future, and having an at least vaguely functional bicycle as a spare would be Very Handy I'm thinking it's time to buy a new bicycle. Unfortunately I'm not too up on the practice of purchasing bicycles, and looking at userinfoemperor's book of bike-pr0n merely made me think "yeah, they all look like bicycles".

Anyway, in the vague hope that people might be able to offer some advice, and because it'd probably be a good idea to write some of these things down so that I don't forget anything later, I thought I'd make an LJ post.

What do I want:
  • Some handlebars like this:
  • A lock like this:
  • A set of gears that make it easier to go faster, whilst retaining approximately the same "granny gear" capabilities — my current bike appears to have a 42-X-26 set of chainrings, and 6 rear gears with the smallest approximately a 13 (it's quite hard to count them)
  • A "gent's" frame
  • A fairly upright cycling position available (but, of course, using the bars above will give a wider range of positions...)
  • Pannier racks
  • A dynamo light might be nice, but hub-dynamos seem to be expensive, and I've only had trouble with bottles
  • A stand (great for short hops off the bike!)
  • Rear light integrated with pannier rack (I have this on the current bike, and it means one less thing available to forget!)
  • Oh, and a slow-release saddle that isn't hideously uncomfortable