May 26th, 2006


With a nod to RSB, who is much epter…

Some of the roads in Cambridge have invisible double-yellow lines on them. The parking attendants are issued with special visors so that they can see invisible paint, and they can hence do their jobs!

Unfortunately many visitors to Cambridge do not have special visors, so they think that there are no parking restrictions on the roads in Cambridge. They drive past the special invisible signs and park on the sides of roads with invisible parking restrictions which are conveniently close to the shops.

Parking attendants are issued with special books of tickets to use in invisible double-yellow line areas. These ticket books are also invisible, and they write on them with an invisible pen. Thus visitors often return to a vehicle with an invisible parking ticket attached, which they can't see.

If you don't pay the fine mandated by the invisible parking ticket within a fortnight then the council department which deals with such things sends out an invisible reminder letter. This is followed up a month later by an invisible court summons.

The first thing that most visitors to Cambridge know about is when the policemen turn up with invisible warrants…

Ride and shoot

Yesterday evening, it being sunny, I took my camera with me on my route into town, and basically shot everything that looked interesting (plus a couple of shots of the road junction that we'd been discussing on #chiark).

It's a bit of a grab-bag of stuff, but photos are available here if you're interested.

You Insensitive Clod?

Eight of my polls have included "Insensitive Clod" options, these being:

  • You insensitive clod, my grandparents were murdered by having their brains pulled out through their nostrils with a tickybox
  • You insensitive clod, my ex- had her spleen removed with a spoon! — Anon
  • You insensitive clod, living-by-committee killed my grandparents
  • You insensitive clod, my ancestor got ground to pieces by apotemnophobes!
  • You insensitive clod! A backdated journal entry incriminated my great-grandfather!
  • The Khmer Rouge impaled my grandfather's head on a pike, you insensitive clod!
  • You insensitive clod, The Cranberries killed my great aunt Matilda
  • You insensitive clod, my cousin died of anaphylactic shock caused by a banana!

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