February 24th, 2006

lego me

What I did on my, err, not holidays.

I've got a few entries I want to write that relate to days in the past couple months, and I really just want to slot them in where they belong. I can either put the correct days on them, but leave the Backdated flag off (which means they'll show up in Fiends Pages; with potential confusion because of being old), or Backdate them all and then provide a post linking to the set.


In Fiends Pages
Linking Post
You insensitive clod! A backdated journal entry incriminated my great-grandfather!

One Encoding to rule them all,

One Encoding to find them,
One Encoding to bring them all
And in the darkness bind them.

Since chiark has now moved to Debian sarge, I feel it is time to uproot my life from the simple realms of ASCII/Latin-1 and venture forth into the hazardous lands of Unicode. This has been done many a time before, and I'm sure someone must have written a document on the process, settings, and pitfalls of such a migration; does anyone happen to know of one?