December 5th, 2005


Cold Callers

I've just had a slightly strange conversation with a cold-caller on my mobile. Indifference seems to be a successful tactic.

Me: Hello?

Droid: Hello, I'm phoning from Sleezy Phones Communications. I understand you're due to renew your phone contract in a couple of months?

Me: Am I? Oh.

Droid: How large are your phone bills?

Me: Umm, some money.

Droid: Don't you have any idea?

Me: Not really, I just check to make sure they aren't ridiculous and pay them.

Droid: Well, would you like to save a couple of quid a month?

Me: Not really, I'm entirely happy with my current provider.

Droid: But wouldn't you like to save some money? Have an extra couple of pints in the month?

Me: A couple of quid here or there doesn't make much difference.

Droid: It does to some people, it means an extra pint or two.

Me: Well, I suggest you go and talk to some people.

Droid: OK, thank you.

Not their real name, but I didn't really hear that.

"When you see this, post a piece of poetry in your journal" (for another time)

Fighting Words

Say my love is easy had,
Say I'm bitten raw with pride,
Say I am too often sad —
Still behold me at your side.

Say I'm neither brave nor young,
Say I woo and coddle care,
Say the devil touched my tongue —
Still you have my heart to wear.

But say my verses do not scan,
And I get me another man!

— Dorothy Parker