November 27th, 2005


Dream a little dream of me…

I almost never remember my dreams. This morning, though, I woke from a dream I have at least some memory of: I was the head geek on a Space Pirate Ship under Dread Pirate Captain </a></b></a>enismirdal, and our ship had just been captured by another set of pirates and we were trying to escape. There were other people I know involved, but the incongruity of Dread Pirate Captain </a></b></a>enismirdal has driven them from my mind.

Bigger, better, faster…

Shortly before leaving Rivendell I purchased a second-hand server machine off Anton, and on Wednesday I transferred all the data across from cleopatra onto it. It's sited in the loft (currently via a makeshift network cable stringing arrangement, and an extension lead across the loft) and makes barely any noise in the room below. Unfortunately I haven't yet been able to get the IDE adapter card that I acquired to go with it to work, so I don't have access to my large Debian mirror, but fixing this is merely a matter of time. I think.

It was on a Sunday morning…

Wesley this week was doubly unusual, we had Lord Griffiths preaching, and it was the 75th anniversary of Cambridge Methsoc. The first lead to better than average preaching, and the second to chatting to various people I haven't seen for some time; although possibly not as much as one might hope for since we were entertaining relatives as well.

Following this we engaged the services of the John Lewis Partnership in purchasing a smallish sound system, partly being a Christmas present from said relatives. They didn't have it in stock, but </a></b></a>claroscuro will be able to pick it up later this week.

Counting, I think, from the date of Union of the Methodist Societies in Cambridge, but I'm not sure.
Although, I think Leslie's preaching style has been slightly negatively impacted by his time in the Lords — he has gained more (needless) digressions.