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2005/11/21 15:28:00 - LJ Schools
One of the slightly surreal things about the LJ Schools thing is discovering that people who you barely overlapped with at school have now graduated from University. Of course, of the three people willing to admit to my secondary school the closest LJ connect is 4 hops; and I doubt any pair of us have ever interacted.
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2005/11/21 22:18:00 - No Merci!
I'm sitting in the living room at Relativity (using their wireless for spod) while sitting out in a game of No Merci. It's a slightly strange game where you have a deck with 24 distinct integers randomly distributed between 3 and 35 and 11 counters per person.

Counters count +1 at the end of a round, and cards -X. Whenever there is a face-up card and it is your go you have two choices:
  • Place a counter on the card and relinquish the turn.
  • Take the card and every counter on it and turn a new card.

It's surprisingly hard (and very viscerally game theoretic). ceb won our set-of-rounds, with simont and I joint-second.

Edit: As atreic points out, you only score the lowest card in a continuous run. (So, for example, collecting 34 is a really good idea if you have 33 and 35 already).
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