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2005/10/17 09:55:00 - I know I'm a day late, but…
…I felt that this just had to be done

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2005/10/17 15:39:00 - Anomoly
Stuff with words on
My C6 bus driver wasn't having a very good morning today; for a start it was foggy with a visibility range probably measured in double-digits of yards, and secondly his ticket machine wasn't working.

He sold me one of these. My subsequent P&R driver was a bit snotty about it, but he did let me on the bus. (He said that the C6 driver shouldn't have sold me a Dayrider; but only a single.)
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2005/10/17 17:03:00 - Terror Suspect
Woman arrested for walking on cycle path.
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Entry Tags: link, one-liner, speechless, war on targets

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2005/10/17 21:51:00 - Picked up from geekette8
Another silly webquiz meme thingum sheep.

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