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2005/08/31 08:37:00 - Silly Fandom Meme
[Invented by </a></b></a>mctabby.]

People who wish to participate should make a list of twelve fandom characters (from one fandom; or for those of particularly warped imaginations, many) then see this post.

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2005/08/31 11:07:00 - Userfiendly
How come I'm getting entries from userfriendlyrss all of a sudden; did it get reanimated or something?
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2005/08/31 16:17:00 - Picnic!
This is a picnic meme.

There will be an LJ picnic on Jesus Green, Cambridge, UK on Saturday the 3rd of September, from around 2pm. We'll meet toward the town end of Jesus Green. Nobody is organising this, it'll just happen. Please turn up, be sensible, bring food and drink, meet new people, have fun.

Copy this invitation into your LJ with a link to this post in picnic_meme. Let's make this a picnic to remember.
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