August 22nd, 2005

mornington crescent

Sponsored Tube Challenge Countdown...

As </a></b></a>emperor notes we will shortly be having our day of attempting to visit every tube station during one day.

In addition, since we will be above ground most of the time (our longest period underground is expected to be about 90 minutes) I plan on updating this journal with entries on an irregular basis throughout the day. All such entries will be tagged "274" and will hence be available here.

Finally, if you would like to sponsor us (and I do think that Red Ken's Tube Bombings Relief Charity is a worthy cause) then you can either use the online website as detailed in my previous post (which takes a processing cut) or accost either </a></b></a>emperor or I to promise us sponsorship which we can collect in person at some time (sponsorship given in person can still be GiftAided, if you're a tax payer, so the charity will not lose out if you do this).