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2005/08/16 23:46:00 - *FJORD*
Well, I've got to Stavanger safely. There is web available via the TV in my room, but it's a bit klunky for reading LJ with. I thought I'd bash out an update though.

All my travel plans worked out over-eptly, which left me in Terminal 3 departures for almost 2 hours!

Anyway, I'm planning on getting woken up at 6am local time (5am body-clock-time) to give me time to rise gently before leaving the Hotel via Taxi at 7:45am to get to the office for 8ish.

I hope everyone is well, and I'll be back in the UK tomorrow evening!
Current Mood: [mood icon] abroad
Current Music: CNN
Entry Tags: life, norway, travel, work

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