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2005/07/19 09:51:00 - Five Sheep
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2005/07/19 10:14:00 - Point and Laugh
This has to be the worst retcon I've ever seen. (mild Star Trek: Enterprise spoilers if you care).
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2005/07/19 14:43:00 - Testing post
This post is boring, unless you're actually interested by, but I just want to run my PingBack software through its paces...
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2005/07/19 16:47:00 - How to liven up your business speak #46
  • Talk about geographies rather than areas, regions, or countries – it's prettier.

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2005/07/19 21:25:00 - A machine that goes PING
I now appear to have a pingback client that screenscrapes my livejournal for me and does all the hard work magically.

All I have to do now is write about things on pingback-enabled blogs more :).

Oh, and write the server, but that's blocking on an OpenID implementation…
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