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2005/07/06 13:13:00 - In other news…
EU Parliament rejects software patent harmonisation.
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2005/07/06 17:01:00 - Postscript
I've finally gained the effort-tokens I needed to make postscript hex-grid producing code. However, either my implementation is inefficient or gv is very slow. for the terminally curious.
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2005/07/06 23:26:00 - Inviting in
After discovering that all my housemates were going to be out this evening, I invited </a></b></a>enismirdal over for dinner (since she is still around in Cambridge).

The plan got slightly derailed by a surprise </a></b></a>atreic and </a></b></a>emperor, but some last minute replanning was done and we had a fun evening with dinner and a couple of games of Ligretto.
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