June 27th, 2005


Attractive Celebrity Meme

Well, since </a></b></a>mst3kgirl asked so nicely here it is:

List 10 celebrities that you find attractive and then tag 5 of your friends.

In no apparent order:

The last three of those required some thought…

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Cycling across the Fens

On Saturday I went to Kings Lynn. The observant among you will have noticed that there was no train service between Cambridge and Ely and will already be wondering how I got there. The more observant might have read the entry title.

Anyway, I consider Bustitution to be a necessary evil, so long as it happens to someone else. However when National Rail start recommending allowing an entire hour to get from Cambridge to Ely, and you live in Girton (a good 20-30 mins from Cambridge Station) you start thinking "I could do better".

All would have gone well, except that I couldn't find the map with Girton and Cottenham on it, but I did consult other maps and decided that that bit was easy. Unfortunately conditions actually in Cottenham disagreed; particularly in the way that the signpost (pointing to Rampton one way and Histon the other; neither of which I wanted to go to) was unhelpful. Still, I soldiered on (wrong move!) and got to Willingham before deciding I was definitely on the wrong track and phoning ahead for directions.

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Still I eventually got to Ely where, having just missed a train, I ate lunch in the pub by the river and got the next one. A lovely afternoon with my parents and grandmother ensued and then I returned, with none of the mishaps that catagorised my outwards journey. The return route has a couple of very nice down-hill sections, and runs past an "Old Station" that looks nothing like (and four Station-worker's cottages, which do), along what must be a road on the old railway route.

My estimate is about 45 miles for the entire round-trip cycling, over 4.5 hours (2.5 out, 2 return (more leisurely)).

ETA: Google Maps makes it closer to 42 miles.
sleepy rin


Histon/Impington had a lot of traffic along my route this morning – backed up inbound from both the Railway Line (Girton end) and the School (Milton end). Most of it seemed to be turning down the B1049 into Cambridge though, which isn't what usually happens when there are A14 problems…


OK, so here's a list of characteristics...

  • Frequently described as beautiful, but unable to see it
  • Solves an impossible problem (once) in the first couple of chapters and is then punished for it, but comes out of that punishment better off than she started
  • Everyone either:
    • Likes her
    • Dislikes her, but comes to like her
    • Hates her and is killed
    • Hates her and is a scumbag
  • She has a rare variety of pet
  • Actually, make that a symbiosis with an alien sophont
  • By the end of the third book she's:
    • received the Personal Thanks of the Monarch four times
    • become a hereditary noble in two different states
    • had three ships practically blown away underneath her
  • Over the course of a 10 year war in a society with life-spans 2-3 times longer than ours she rises from Captain JG to Admiral in two different Navies
  • She's genetically modified, supposedly a major social faux pas but noöne leaks this information to her political opposition
  • She goes from ingenue to political mastermind in about 3 years
  • Dropped on a planet of religious misogynists she gains almost total respect within the course of months
  • Even the best minds in the enemy's forces like her!
  • And I could go on…

Is this person a Mary-Sue?


Do you know who I am talking about?