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2005/06/21 11:43:00 - Cutter Ferry Lane Bridge
I've just remembered that a couple of weeks back I took some photos of the new Cutter Ferry Lane Bridge. The photos are available here. At first sight the new bridge isn't much different to the old one, although the central span is somewhat wider than the old one was. Inspection shows that they've added a stair on the Common side of the bridge, and modified the layout of the cattle-grids at the base of the ramp on that side.

Part of the motive for the design changes was to be able to formally allow cycling across the bridge; although I'm not sure if this sign is missing a colon, or has a superfluously capitalised letter. Passing over to the other side of the bridge they've removed the cow-catchers at the bottom, but the rather strange layout of the adjacent Cutter Ferry Path remains (as does the closure sign for the bridge).

Over all it's good to see the bridge back, and it's nice to be allowed to cycle over it – even if climbing up the old ramp on the Common side is a bit of a pain. Hopefully the loose segments of macadam from the surfacing will quickly be brushed away, which should help things.
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2005/06/21 12:10:00 - Thought
Is it permitted to ride your horse across Cutter Ferry Lane Bridge?
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2005/06/21 13:05:00 - Journal Colour Meme Revisited
Since the last time I did this I seem to have changed colour.

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