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2005/05/19 11:27:00 - What's in a name.
So, I'm going mad dash rushing around London tomorrow, but Geoff wants all of us to have a team name. My team is just me, but I still need a name.

One of the other teams appears to be using the Theydon Boys, and something in a similar vein might be good.

Any suggestions?

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2005/05/19 14:39:00 - OK, go on then...
See! Virtual Pet! (Requires Flash)

my pet!
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2005/05/19 16:15:00 - What's in a name II
Hmm, I see that we're not very good with names :).

Vote For Any You Like:

Capture the Beard! (emperor)
A man with a muffin (edith_the_hutt)
Splonglefeep! (requiem_17_23)
The Court Earl (fluffymormegil)
Evenington Peasant (mooism)
Mornington Senji (arnhem)
Totally Dagenham East (senji)
Morden Quickenough (andrewwyld)
Acton Inspiration (andrewwyld)
Fairlope (andrewwyld)

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