May 6th, 2005

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Z1TC report-back.

Well, with a time of over 4 hours I wasn't exactly challenging the record, however I think I understand the main reasons for that:
  • There was a signal failure at Kennington early in the day that caused problems on the Northern line for most of the day – I suffered two over-10-minute delays getting on Northern trains and also had a delay getting to my starting station.
  • I hit the Baker Street-area of my route just as they suffered a points problem there, (which I'd've missed if I'd not been delayed on the Northern) which cost me at least 20 minutes.
  • I need a better strategy for dealing with Vauxhall in the case of starting stations where it's inconvenient to end there.
  • All the combined delays meant that I ran into the rush-period, at which point I gave up hope of a good time and just wanted to finish (which I did).

I started at Cannon Street, and ended up at the adjacent station of Mansion House, although I think I'd've been better off starting off clockwise and getting Vauxhall out of the way earlier. At the end of the day, delays will be a level playing field for everyone (even if they do mean that noöne can get the record), so the only thing I have to think about is Vauxhall, and I have some alternative strategies in mind; some of which simplify other bits of the network.

All in all it was a fun but tiring day, and I have to say that Neil and Geoff deserve even more kudos than I've been giving them for the whole-thing record – my entire body aches today!
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Congratuations to David Howarth

So, Cambridge finally goes Yellow, with Howarth getting a 4,339 vote majority against the incumbent Anne Campbell.

On the whole the result seems to have been about what I expected, with more Tories and less LibDems. The UUP seems to be imploding though. More Ian Paisley, *sigh*.

Anyway, even though the elections happened I'm going to finish my series of flyer reviews. :)
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Flyer Review: Robin Page (UKIP)

Flyer: Outside, Inside

UKIP, known by some people as "BNP-lite" could be described as one of the comedy parties in this election, if it wasn't for the fact that they (a) take votes away from the more sane right-wing parties and (b) appear to deserve the name BNP-lite. The former wouldn't be so much of a problem of course if we had some reasonable sensible kind of PR, but there we are….

The front of this leaflet emphasises their main point in this election – keep the foreign buggers out to paraphrase, and the inside suffers terribly from the fact that they're a one-issue party. What the inside fails to note, of course, is that some of that £30mil a day comes straight back to the UK in the form of subsidies and investment (admittedly not all of it), and some of it is just hyperbole ("100,000 regulations").

unlimited EU immigration is misleading too – after all we aren't members of Schengenland but still we have a worse immigration problem than countries that do. If anything, considering only Europe, the net movement of people is in the opposite direction.

And precisely as a result of not being in Schengenland we do still have control of our borders, and (as much as I might be opposed to them) none of the main parties are actually considering abolishing immigration controls. Oh, well, we never trusted the comedy parties to tell us the truth, did we?
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Flyer Review: John Mann (Lab, Bassetlaw)


This is the real comedy flyer of the lot – Sally got it through the post and passed it over to me. If you thought that UKIP were campaigning on a single issue then you'll have to see this one….

He kept his seat though, even scraped a few votes off the Tories. Just shows the difference between politics here and there, strange really.
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Flyer Review: Tom Flanagan (Lib, Local)

Flyer: Front, Back

This has to be one of the worst produced flyers I've ever seen. OK, Flanagan is a county candidate in a ward he can't (and didn't) win, but still…. The registration is off (look at the orange section at the top of the flyer), it doesn't appear to have been proof-read, things flow out of some of the boxes and the laying out just generally sucks a bit.

On the question of the text itself, A local man who knows the area better than most., a better way of selling yourself would be just A local man who knows the area well. …a two horse race between Tom, your local Lib Dem candidate and the Conservative candidate is (a) missing a comma, (b) just sounds clumsy.

On the back, Lip Service doesn't deserve capitalisation, there is an excessive use of exclamation marks, and both the second and third columns start with a very small paragraph from the previous column, something that I'm sure could be fixed with a little jiggling. And then in the Polling Stations box in the bottom left 7.0am is just wrong, and On May 5th is surely part of the sentence so doesn't want a new capital letter.

Whatever you might say, to some extent at least presentation is important. One of the factors that the city's LibDem councillors put forward as influential in their taking over the City Council was that they regularly put out a Focus, and those Focuses were well produced and looked good. This one just looks sloppy, and that's not going to win votes I'm afraid.